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Stories like mine


Marta is 5 years old and, like Afonso, she has Leukemia. She needed a compatible bone borrow donor and she finally found one. Her story is a message of hope for all those who are still engaged in the search for a compatible donor


Marta Sousa
Martinha's bone marrow has stopped working. She needs a transplant urgently and has joined Afonso in the search for a compatible donor.


O Matias
Matias is 6 years old and like Afonso was diagnosed with Leukemia. They are good friends.


A Teresa
Teresa Brissos is 17 years old and has Leukemia. She is not responding very well to her first cycle of chemotherapy. She is considered a very high risk patient just like Afonso. Her cure depends on a bone marrow transplant.


Carmenzita Pinheiro

She is 5 years of age, in August of 2009, Carmenzita was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, but fortunately last month February, she had the best news she could have, she found a Compatible Donor!
Carmenzita found a match, but her friends...not yet! :(

Together we can help them to find one.

Come on, join us, for Afonso and for ALL!
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Who knows?

You Might Be The One.